Japan Hostel Shinya Tokkyu


Located near the Haneda Airport, an international gateway,
Japan Hostel Shinya Tokkyu is used by many guests at the beginning or
end of their travels.

Staying in this hostel makes all guests think,
"I'm glad I went to Japan," "I came to like Japan more than ever," or
"I want to visit Japan again," when they return to their countries.

With such hope, we are helping guests to make their stay
comfortable and exceptional.

It is an honor to say that the number of guests has increased since our foundation
in March 2017. We are now looking for staff members who can welcome such a
growing number of guests with hospitality ("Omotenashi").
Why don't you develop this new hostel together with us?

Hostel Staff

The major duties include checking guests in/out, cleaning, and helping guests.

About 60 percent of people staying in Japan Hostel Shinya Tokkyu are foreigners.
Since most of them do not speak Japanese, it is essential for you to have a certain level of English skills.
We do not assign a task to you without interactive communication. In fact, we are open to implement your ideas, such as making an original guidebook, tying up with a neighboring restaurant, or spreading information through SNS or blog.
Previous accommodation experience is not required.
All you need is a mindset to want guests to think that they are glad to have visited Japan, and Tokyo.

Job Description

Checking guests in/out, cleaning, helping guests, planning and throwing parties, and updating SNS

Working Hours

In shifts (Days and time are negotiable)


Starting at ¥1,000 per hour (with a possibility for future full-time employment)

Eligible Applicants

Those who act on their own, love Japan, like conversation with people, and are hospitable.

From Application to Employment

Select the inquiry type "Recruit" from the "Contact Form" and apply for the job.

Be sure to include the following information in the message.

  1. (1)Name
  2. (2)Age
  3. (3)Gender
  4. (4)Nationality (and Visa type for non-Japanese)
  5. (5)Home location
  6. (6)How long you can work
  7. (7)Reasons for application

After checking your application, we will get back to you.
We will arrange a date to talk to you face to face.
We would like you to watch us working in the hostel before deciding if you can work with us.

You will be notified of the results of your application.